Sleep apnea not only disturbs your sleep but also your health and a general feeling of wellness during the day. With sleep apnea treatment from Bite Align, you will start to feel like yourself again after continuous use. However, many of our patients wonder if there is more they can do to treat their sleep apnea aside from wearing their oral appliance every night. The answer is yes! There are many natural ways to improve your sleep apnea condition. Learn what they are and how you can implement them in your life.

man rests peacefully on his side in bedMaintain a Healthy Weight

If you’re not already a healthy weight, one of the best ways to improve your sleep apnea condition is by losing weight to maintaining a healthy one. When you carry excess weight, it can cause your airway passages to become more narrow which can either cause or contribute to your sleep apnea condition. By losing weight and maintaining it, you can improve your ability to breathe at night. Some patients even resolve their condition to the point where they no longer need an oral appliance.

Change Your Sleep Position

Making a small change like sleeping on your side instead of your back can contribute to a better night of sleep. Many studies suggest that sleeping on your back can make your condition and symptoms much worse. Sleeping on the side can help return your breathing back to normal. Try sleeping on your side to see if it helps you sleep better at night.

Use a Humidifier

If your home isn’t very humid, your nasal passages might be dry which can cause congestion and clogged airways which will worsen your condition. By adding a humidifier to your bedroom, the extra moisture in the air will open your airways and encourage better breathing at night.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

If you smoke or drink alcohol regularly, cutting these out of your life can help improve your sleep condition. Smoking contributes to inflammation in the airways which ultimately obstructs them. Alcohol has similar effects. First, it relaxes the throat muscles which causes snoring and interrupts your sleep cycle. Like smoking, alcohol also increases inflammation in the airways which blocks the airflow.

Practice Yoga

Introducing yoga into your routine isn’t just great for aiding with weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, but it also helps strengthen your heart, energy level, and improve respiratory health to encourage oxygen flow. With more oxygen in your bloodstream, while you sleep, your sleep apnea symptoms can improve.

Although these natural aids for sleep apnea can help improve your condition, they won’t treat your condition (unless weight is the cause). You need to wear an oral appliance to treat your condition and experience immediate results. If you need oral appliance therapy, please contact Bite Align in Fort Atkinson by calling (920) 563-7323 to book a consultation with our sleep dentist today.