The holidays are a time for celebration and making memories. However, if you’re prone to frequent headaches and migraines, the holidays might not be as enjoyable as you wish. The stress of the holidays might trigger your headaches and migraines and ruin this joyous time of the year. To help you have a more enjoyable holiday season, try some of these solutions to avoid holiday headaches and migraines.

Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

woman on her couch suffering from a migraine heache

It might feel tempting to stay up late to cross everything off your checklist, but not sticking to your regular sleep schedule is actually a recipe for disaster. Going to bed late one night can cause you to feel sleep-deprived the next day. Your day of sleep deprivation will make you feel less focused, tired, and possibly in pain with a headache or migraine. Sleep deprivation is one of the top causes of headaches and migraines. Save your tasks for the next day or ask someone for help getting everything done. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule with your required hours of sleep is one of the easiest ways to prevent holiday headaches and migraines.

Eat Regularly

When you’re caught up in the holiday chaos, you might forget to eat regularly. If you don’t eat enough, it can actually cause headaches and migraines. To avoid one of these headaches during the hectic season, try to keep protein bars, fruit, and nuts with you for fast fuel on the go when you’re feeling hungry. Remember to listen to your hunger cues and eat when you’re hungry or you might end up with a headache later.

Stay Hydrated

Just like eating regularly, you should also stay as hydrated as possible during the holidays. It’s helpful to carry a water bottle around with you everywhere you go and remind yourself to take a sip every once in a while. Staying hydrated will help you avoid a dehydration headache and also a dry mouth that can contribute to tooth decay.

Eat Healthily

Eating too much sugar, too many carbs, or certain foods like ripened cheese, processed meats, and chocolate, can all contribute to migraines and headaches. Even though it’s the holiday season, don’t overdo it with unhealthy eating habits. Make sure you get enough protein, fruits, and veggies in your diet. Otherwise, you might end up with a headache or migraine from your poor eating decisions.

Avoid Your Triggers

If you know that bright flashing lights trigger migraines, you should probably avoid going around neighborhoods looking at holiday lights. If you’re sensitive to strong smells, you can definitely ask your family members to unplug their air fresheners or blow out their scented candles. Taking these simple steps to avoid your triggers can save you from a day of pain.

Plan Ahead

The top cause of headaches in general is stress. If you’re feeling too stressed out from the holidays, you might end up with a headache or migraine. To help prevent stress from occurring in the first place, try to plan out everything that causes you to stress ahead of time. If it’s cooking the large meal that stresses you out, ask for help cooking or cook some of your dishes ahead of time and freeze them. If it’s the holiday shopping, consider shopping online as soon as possible so you don’t have to rush. Planning ahead of time can make a huge difference in your stress levels during the holidays. It will also help you enjoy more time with your family!

Relieve Stress Healthily

If you do become stressed, it’s important to relieve that stress in a healthy way. We recommend exercising regularly. Exercise is great for your heart and is an excellent stress reliever. You can also listen to music, practice yoga or meditation, read a book, or chat with a loved one. Whatever you do, make sure you take time to relieve your stress in a healthy way.

Drink in Moderation

It might feel tempting to indulge in a little too much wine or eggnog during the holidays. However, drinking too much alcohol can result in dehydration and an unpleasant hangover including a headache or migraine. Try to drink in moderation and drink plenty of water alongside your alcoholic beverages. Your head will thank you.

Get Migraine and Headache Treatment in Fort Atkinson

The stress of the holidays might bring out your old habits of clenching and grinding your teeth. Or, maybe you suffer from headaches and migraines all year long, but they particularly act up during the holiday season. If you’re not sure what causes your headaches and they happen more often than not, you might want to consider a TMJ evaluation. At Bite Align, we will analyze your jaw joints using advanced dental technology to determine if you have a TMJ disorder. This includes tracking your jaw movements to look for irregular motion and measuring tension in your jaw muscles.

If we find out you do have a TMJ disorder, our TMJ dentist will prescribe you a custom TMJ treatment plan. Your treatment plan will help you get relief from your painful TMJ symptoms including frequent headaches and migraines. It is possible to enjoy a headache and migraine-free holiday season with our help. Contact Bite Align at (920) 563-7323 to schedule a consultation with our TMJ dentist in Fort Atkinson today.