Jaw Pain

Can Teeth Grinding Cause Headaches and Neck Pain?

Teeth grinding is very bad for your teeth. It can lead to excessive wear, cracking, and even early tooth loss.  But can teeth grinding cause other problems beyond your mouth, like headaches and neck pain? Yes, although often headaches, neck pain, and teeth grinding are all symptoms of another condition. [...]

Early Signs of TMJ

Simply knowing the warning signs of certain illnesses and diseases can help you avoid serious complications down the line. For instance, if you recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and take immediate action by taking aspirin, it could potentially save your life. Although TMJ disorders aren’t as serious as a heart attack, they [...]

4 Causes of Jaw and Ear Pain

It’s possible to {{{{link id='50237' text='experience jaw'}}}} and {{{{link id='50243' text='ear pain'}}}} simultaneously for lots of different reasons. Although your ears and jaws are located in different areas, their close proximity can affect one another. Oftentimes when you develop a medical condition in your mouth, jaw, or ear, it can cause referred pain in [...]