Sleep Apnea

How Obesity and Sleep Apnea Make Each Other Worse

Obesity has been a growing epidemic in the US for decades now. From 2000 to 2020, the rate of US rate of obesity rose from just over 30% to just under 42%. At the same time, the severe obesity rate nearly doubled, increasing from 4.7% to 9.2%. Since weight gain leads to Sleep Apnea Fort Atkinson

10 Signs It’s Time to Try a CPAP Alternative

Many people in Fort Atkinson use CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) partly because they don’t think they have any alternative. It’s true that if you have sleep apnea, it’s important to get it treated. Otherwise, you face life-threatening complications. However, treating sleep apnea doesn’t automatically mean [...]

11 Myths about Snoring and Sleep Apnea

A lack of information is one of the biggest barriers keeping people from sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. When people don’t have good information, they go online for research and may encounter some common myths about sleep apnea that make them either not get diagnosed, not seek treatment, or not find [...]

Two Common Causes of Chronic Daily Headaches

If you have headaches nearly every day, it’s likely you have chronic daily headaches. Chronic daily headaches are defined as headaches that occur on fifteen or more days a month, and last for at least three months before they meet the clinical definition. While some people have primary chronic daily headaches--those [...]

Recognizing Wisconsin’s Pioneering Sleep Apnea Study

Sleep apnea is a worldwide problem, affecting people of all ages, races, and sexes, but much of what we know about this condition was discovered right here in Wisconsin. Less than an hour's drive from Fort Atkinson, the University of Wisconsin-Madison started recruiting people for the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study more than three [...]