TMJ Treatment

Whiplash Can Cause TMJ

Most people think of whiplash injury as a neck injury, but the impact of whiplash can go beyond your neck. Many people develop other injuries and conditions as a result of whiplash injuries. One common injury that occurs because of whiplash is temporomandibular joint disorders (called either TMJ or TMD). If [...]

Break These 10 Habits That Can Make TMJ Worse

Temporomandibular joint disorders (called either TMJ or TMD) can result in numerous types of pain and dysfunction that can impact your quality of life. For many people, TMJ doesn’t need professional care. It can go away with simple home care, including avoiding bad habits that make it worse. Here are the [...]

Put an End to Ringing Ears With These 9 Tinnitus Remedies

Have you ever heard a car alarm going off in your neighborhood and it just won’t stop ringing? That’s what having {{{{link id='50243' text='tinnitus'}}}} is like. The ringing and noises are endless and can disrupt your day to day life. It can make it difficult to focus and sleep and even lead to fatigue, [...]

4 Causes of Jaw and Ear Pain

It’s possible to {{{{link id='50237' text='experience jaw'}}}} and {{{{link id='50243' text='ear pain'}}}} simultaneously for lots of different reasons. Although your ears and jaws are located in different areas, their close proximity can affect one another. Oftentimes when you develop a medical condition in your mouth, jaw, or ear, it can cause referred pain in [...]