Cost-Effective Treatment

As a TMJ sufferer herself, Dr. Jennifer Stafford is very compassionate to her patients’ needs and limitations. We understand that cost can be a barrier to treatment, and that can lead to more suffering. 

Therefore, we strive to always design cost-effective solutions to your problems. Our watchword is “value”: we want you to get your money’s worth for every treatment. This doesn’t mean that treatment will be cheap, but it will be as inexpensive as we can make it while maintaining effectiveness. When possible, we will give you options so that you can decide how to balance different aspects of your care. 

Insurance Coverage

We want to help you get treatment. This includes helping you figure out whether and how much your insurance company covers for these conditions. Except for reconstructive dentistry, most treatment is covered under medical insurance rather than dental insurance. 

TMJ treatment may or may not be covered, depending on your insurance plan. You will need to work with both your dental and medical insurance to determine your coverage for certain treatments including oral appliance therapy and TMJ treatment.

Payments Accepted

We accept cash, check, and credit card payment for treatment. 

Financing Available

If you need help covering the cost of treatment, we offer in-house financing with CareCredit.

CareCredit offers two payment options. You can choose a no-interest payment plan with a fixed term. This gives you a certain period to pay off your balance, and if  you pay during that time, you pay no interest. 

You might also choose a fixed payment plan, which gives you a low monthly payment. The payoff terms in this plan are significantly longer and the payments are smaller, but interest will accrue. 

You may be able to finance as little as $200, and the upper limit of financing depends on approval from CareCredit. 

Let Us Help

If you are experiencing TMJ or sleep apnea and are looking for treatment in Fort Atkinson or Jefferson County, we want to help you. We can help you work through financial obstacles to get the treatment you need. 

Please call (920) 563-7323 today for an appointment at Bite Align.