Why Over-the-Counter Remedies Don’t Work

When you realize the seriousness of your snoring, you might start by trying over-the-counter remedies. This can be very frustrating. No matter how much they claim to work, how highly rated they are, or how many testimonials they offer, these just don’t work. 

Usually this is because they:

  • Are based on faulty principles
  • Address the wrong anatomy
  • Are poorly made
  • Aren’t customized

There are many snoring solutions out there that are just based on wrongheaded ideas about what causes snoring and what can treat it. This goes for all the herbal sprays and homeopathic snoring treatments out there. 

Other times, snoring treatments are focused on the wrong anatomy. For example, strips that hold your nostrils open don’t help if snoring is caused by your soft palate or throat. 

Sometimes OTC snoring treatments are cheaply made. The goal is to maximize profit by selling as many cheap units as possible.

Finally, OTC snoring treatments aren’t customized. Even if they say they are, this usually amounts to just being able to shape the appliance to your teeth with a boil-and-bite technique. But to be effective, a snoring appliance has to be fitted not just to your teeth but to your jaw and your airway. 

Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle modification can be an effective supporting treatment for snoring. Making some lifestyle changes can reduce your snoring and improve the results for other snoring treatment. 

But before you try lifestyle modification, get tested for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea needs professional care. 

Sleep position makes a difference for snoring. Learn to sleep on your side and you can reduce your snoring dramatically. This is a place where some OTC remedies can help. Repositioning devices that activate when you snore can help you train yourself to sleep on your side. 

Try not to drink alcohol in the evenings. Alcohol relaxes your muscles, including throat muscles that support your airway. Snoring can also be worsened by swelling of your throat or nasal passages. Reduce allergens in the home to keep this swelling under control. 

You can also try to tone your throat muscles and increase overall exercise. If you can lose weight, it can also reduce your snoring. 

Custom Snoring Appliances

For most people, a custom snoring appliance is the best approach to treating serious snoring. The most serious snoring is related to the tongue and throat. Repositioning the jaw helps support these soft structures so they don’t collapse as much. 

We offer snoring appliances that are custom-made for your anatomy. These are designed to hold your airway open by putting your jaw in the best position for your airway. 

A Cure for Snoring?

In some cases, we might be able to cure your snoring. Understand that this is medicine, not magic, so it can’t be used in every case. Nor can we guarantee that it will work in your case, even if you seem like a good candidate. 

However, for many people, even a chance of being snore-free for life is worth taking a chance on. 

We have two ways we might cure your snoring: DNA and orofacial myofunctional therapy. 

The DNA (Daytime/Nighttime Appliance) is different from other snoring appliances. It doesn’t just reposition your jaw, it reshapes it. Since the shape of your jaw governs the shape of your airway, this can expand your airway, letting you breathe easier and potentially sleep without snoring. Because  the DNA can reshape both the upper and lower jaw, it can address snoring related to the nose and upper palate as well as the throat. 

In orofacial myofunctional therapy, we are also trying to reshape your jaw. And we are trying to retrain your muscles, too. Poor jaw position and a tendency for the airway to collapse might be linked to unhealthy techniques for resting the jaw, chewing, swallowing, and more. Teaching you a healthier way can tone muscles in the jaw and throat, as well as repositioning them. 

Using DNA and orofacial myofunctional therapy, we can usually improve your snoring, often to the point where it’s no longer a problem. Maintaining proper habits and good health can lead to a snore-free life for years to come. 

Effective Snoring Treatment in Fort Atkinson

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